American Monarchist Archive

Founded in 1970 by Randall J. Dicks (1951-1999), the now concluded Constantian Society was formerly the premier monarchist organization based in the United States of America. It published The Constantian: Journal of the Constantian Society from 1970 to 1998.

During its existence the Constantian Society enjoyed a close relationship with its United Kingdom counterpart, the London-based Monarchist League, founded in 1943. After Mr Dicks' passing the American network of the Monarchist League would succeed the Constantian Society in the United States. The Monarchist League American Member Newsletter began in 1996 and has run until the present.

The American Monarchist Archive is to contain a publicly accessible digital archive of the core of the publication runs of both The Constantian, from 1975 down to 1996, and of The Monarchist League American Member Newsletter from 1996 forward.

While the Monarchist League has inherited what was retained by the editors of these publications, the passage of time has come with the inevitable loss of a few things here and there. We would encourage anyone who believes they may possess additional material that would be appropriate for inclusion in the archive to contact us.